Welcome and Overview

The European Chemical Regions Network (ECRN) brings together European regions in which the chemical industry plays a crucial role in economic development, growth, and employment. By facilitating interregional cooperation, policy development, and participating in European projects, the network advocates for a strong regional dimension in the EU chemical policy agenda to create European modern and sustainable value chains.



ECRN originally started as an INTERREG IIIc project in 2004, to help regions better tackle common challenges by exchanging information, exploring innovative solutions, and by speaking with a single voice in Europe. Today the network has grown from a temporary project to a recognized European chemical stakeholder and a network full of expertise. ECRN is a registered non-profit association under Belgian law and the network currently covers various European chemical regions, whose cooperation is supported by a Brussels-based secretariat.
As the sole regional representative of the EU chemical industry, ECRN brought the voice of regions into the discussions within the European Commission’s “High-Level Group on the Competitiveness of the European Chemical Industry”. ECRN works together with European and regional chemical stakeholders and contributes to a range of policy areas from industrial policy, competitiveness, chemical regulation and REACH to skills, innovation, environment, and circular economy.



ECRN advocates for a stronger regional dimension in European strategies and policies related to the chemical industry. We believe that the chemical industry can effectively respond to Europe’s societal challenges with sustainable and innovative solutions if its economic growth is linked to territorial development. By bringing concrete local experiences and solutions into EU policy-making, the network aims to bridge the gap between policy elaboration and local impact. Our goals are: