Daniel Collet


Daniel Collet is Inspector General for the Competitiveness and Innovation Department of the Directorate-General for Economy, Employment and Research Public Service of Wallonia. For over 30 years, Mr Collet has been an expert on European policies and recovery strategy in the Walloon regional administration. He represents Wallonia in different Working groups and monitoring Committees at Federal and European level regarding European industrial policies, state aids and innovation policies.

2017 - present

European policies and recovery strategy

For over 30 years, Daniel COLLET has been an expert on European policies and recovery strategy in the Walloon regional administration. He proactively participates in the European debate on the broad guidelines on the Cohesion policy and its reforms and has implemented in Wallonia several regional and cross-border development programmes. He represents Wallonia in several Working groups and monitoring Committees about European industrial policies, states aids and innovation policies, at both federal and European level.
2014 - present


Mr Collet became Member of the Board of ECRN and he was elected Treasurer in 2016.

SME Envoy

He launched the Walloon Small Business Act and is mandated by the Walloon Government as “SME Envoy” of the Wallonia Region. He is Member of the “Conseil des PME” which pilots the new SME Plan 2015-2019 for the Walloon Government. The Department is also active in the Wallonia Digital Plan, Creative Wallonia and Circular economy.

From the last Belgian presidency of the UE, Mr Collet and his team have monitored the European Industrial policy debate at the Competitiveness Council and in different coordination and negotiation groups. He represented the Belgian authorities within the meetings of the “Competitiveness and Growth High level Group” and Informal ministerial meetings about Industrial policy in Europe and in the Euro-Mediterranean Area. His Department developed several European projects (Interreg V Europe, H2020 and COSME) in the context of Creative industries (Project Wallonia European Creative District in 2014, RCIA, CREADIS3) and industrial cooperation in the chemical sectors and biobased industry (Interreg V Europe and COSME projects S3 CHEM, 6MDR).

Design and Implementation of Clustering Policy in Wallonia

Since 2000s, Mr Collet has been involved in the design and implementation of clustering policy in Wallonia. The Department he manages ensured the monitoring of Walloon clusters and of the 6 Walloon competitiveness poles supported by the Walloon Plan Marshall. His department pilots the Walloon Smart specialisation strategy and participates to the works of S3 Platform.