Projects Recap: Skills, Transition and Cooperation

Projects Recap: Skills, Transition and Cooperation

ECRN is proud to be a part of different EU projects starting from this season, these projects resonate with our core goals and priorities: skills, green and digital transition and cooperation. 

This month we joined the ACE-EX Project Launch in Bergamo and the ChemSkills one, in Brussels. Finally, we visited the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, for the Syschemiq General Assembly.


But what are these projects about? 

ACE-EX: shaping a new multidisciplinary profession, the “Expert at applying Circular Economy processes in agriculture”. The ACE-EX consortium aims to support the agriculture sector and facilitate its transition using green chemistry (using waste/surplus coming from agriculture itself). 

ChemSkills: a complex and ambitious blueprint project built to identify the skills and job profiles needed in the sector to cope with the transition and deliver curricula and training programmes and a strategy to implement them towards 2050. A project led by ECEG.

Finally, we met our partners from Syschemiq: Circular Plastic for a Sustainable Future for our first General Assembly at Brightlands Chemelot Campus. The project aims to develop a new systemic approach to circular solutions in plastic recycling, new forms of cooperation, new business and society models, as well as strategies to replicate and disseminate the outcomes to other EU regions.