Power4Bio H2020 Project approved by the European Commission

Power4Bio H2020 Project approved by the European Commission

ECRN is pleased to announce that a new EU project – Power4Bio – has been approved by the European Commission under the H2020 programme, in which our network will be partnering with 16 other regional bodies and organisations. The project entitled ‘emPOWERing regional stakeholders for realising the full potential of european BIOeconomy’ or ‘POWER4BIO’ serves as a regional platform developing and advancing regional strategies towards building strong European bioeconomies.

POWER4BIO empowers regional stakeholders in boosting their transition to bioeconomy, providing them with the necessary instruments and guidance to develop and implement sustainable bioeconomy strategies. The methodology combines stakeholders’ engagement, regional analysis and strategy development. Furthermore, POWER4BIO will collect bio-based business models and examples of best practices; it will issue recommendations to use the funding instruments and policies in Europe to support bioeconomy business models. To foster mutual learning and interregional collaboration among regions, POWER4BIO will deliver a comprehensive training programme along with knowledge transfers to develop different sustainable bioeconomy value chains within 10 consortium member regions from 9 different countries. ECRN member regions that are involved in the project include Mazovia (PL) through the Mazovian Energy Agency, Flanders (BE), Lombardy (IT) through the SPRING cluster, and Bavaria (BE) through the Chemie Cluster Bayern GMBH.

Being an essential project partner, ECRN will serve as an intermediary between project’s activities and project partners. Having long experience working with regional administrations, the network will ensure active contribution and participation of regional authorities in the respective project activities, and will support the dissemination and communication activities, as well as the organisation of regional workshops and other related events.

The ambitious project will have its Kick-off Meeting on 16-17 October 2018 at ECRN headquarters in Brussels.