The European Chemical Regions Network is an international non-profit association. It functions on the basis of membership that is open to all chemical regions and stakeholders within the European Union.

ECRN is driven by the interests of its member regions to promote the competitiveness, growth, innovativeness and sustainability of the chemical companies that are located on the regions’ territory. At the same time, our network is oriented towards building interregional capacities through cross-border value chains, common smart specialization priorities, or EU-funded projects. What enables our work is the trust we build among our members and our functioning on the principles of openness, transparency and inclusiveness.

Since its formal establishment in 2008, ECRN has developed into a knowledge-packed platform addressing a wide range of challenges that the chemical industry faces. How do regions respond to global industrial and innovation competition, scarcity of feedstock, regulations with impact on the chemical sector, lack of skills, and digitalization? Our Members take great advantage of the opportunity to learn from each other, share solutions or look for joint actions.

Be it through exchange of best practices, participation in Europe-wide studies, projects, position papers and events, the network brings regions and their stakeholders closer. In this way it enables them to identify how they can be complimentary and work with each other for the benefit of their chemical industry and all inter-related industries along the value chain. Through the network activities, public, industry and research actors bring forward their potentials and promote their excellence.

At the same time, the network is able to reach out to European policymakers with a stronger voice and to represent the common interests of the chemical regions. ECRN closely monitor the developments on the European scene and position itself towards the legislative proposals that would influence in one way or another regions’ chemical industry, based on a mandate given by its members.

There are three different  Membership categories that allow legal entities to be engaged with the ECRN network:

  • Full Membership: The Full Membership is open to all chemical regions within the European Union. Our members are Regional Authorities of European regions where a high proportion of companies in the chemical industry operates. The endorsement received by the respective Regional Authorities shows continuous political commitment and strength in the ECRN positioning at the EU level. Regions interested to become members are welcome to contact us in order to receive more details regarding our work and vision. Should a region wish to apply for membership, we follow a procedure of written application and a decision is made by either the ECRN General Assembly or the Executive Board. The Membership contribution is calculated in a tailored manner in order to take account of regional GDP and size of the chemical industry. More information in this regard is outlined in our Regulation for Membership Fees.
  • Affiliate Membership: Any legal entity (including, but not limited to, individual clusters, corporations, academic entities, companies, foundations, private actors, stakeholders, other networks) that supports the objectives of the ECRN may address an application for affiliation.
  • Honorary Membership: The Executive Board may award the status of “Honorary Member” to natural or legal persons who have rendered outstanding service to the Association or to persons or institutions who have distinguished themselves in the Association’s field.

Should you wish to receive further information regarding the application procedure or you have questions regarding the membership conditions, please contact us at or +32 471 52 83 31 and we will be glad to help you!