Joint Statement For An Ambitious Framework Programme 10

Joint Statement For An Ambitious Framework Programme 10

The European Chemical Regions Network (ECRN) proudly endorses the joint statement calling for an ambitious approach to the next European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP10). This significant declaration, supported by 110 leading European associations, underscores the urgent need for increased budget allocations and a reinforced focus on pan-European collaborative research to drive industrial excellence.

Main Points of the Joint Statement

Call for Increased Budget

The joint statement highlights the stark disparity between the EU’s investments in Research, Development, and Innovation (RD&I) and those of its global competitors. This investment gap, particularly evident in private sector contributions, threatens to stifle the EU’s scientific and technological potential. To counter this, the statement urges the EU Institutions to significantly boost the RD&I budget for FP10. Enhanced public RD&I investments are deemed crucial to mitigate market failures and stimulate private investments by lowering associated risks.

Importance of the EU Framework Programme

The EU Framework Programme is pivotal in attracting and retaining private RD&I investments within Europe. By pooling resources and expertise, it enables Member States, European Economic Area (EEA) countries, industry, Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs), and academia to tackle complex challenges collaboratively. The statement cites the Ex-post evaluation of Horizon 2020, which demonstrated high financial leverage through European partnerships, where private partners’ contributions significantly amplified the EU investments.

Strategic Focus of FP10

FP10 must prioritize excellent cross-border collaborative RD&I, emphasizing industrial participation to bolster EU competitiveness. The statement advocates for a reinforced focus on competitiveness across all three pillars of FP10, with Pillar II being particularly crucial. Pillar II should promote the flow of knowledge across private and public sectors and between basic and applied research, addressing strategic EU priorities and industrial needs.

Pillar II: Building Trust-Based Partnerships

Pillar II is instrumental in fostering long-term trust-based public-private partnerships (PPPs) among diverse European RD&I actors. These partnerships are vital for strengthening Europe’s RD&I ecosystems, encouraging the uptake of novel technologies, and scaling up new solutions, products, and services. The statement emphasizes that an enhanced budget for Pillar II will support these goals, driving European industrial competitiveness and contributing to societal well-being and quality of life.

Stimulating Private Investment

By demonstrating the EU’s commitment to technology-intensive sectors and maintaining technology neutrality, FP10 can reduce risk and uncertainty, incentivizing private investments within Europe. This approach is essential for supporting the EU’s green and digital transitions and ensuring a level playing field in the internal market.

Commitment to Collaboration and Technological Leadership

The joint statement calls on the EU Institutions to engage in further discussions on the design of FP10. It asserts that Europe has the potential to excel in the global innovation race and must invest in pan-European collaborative RD&I. Such investments will drive technology maturation, foster innovation, and leverage public and private expertise, ultimately strengthening Europe’s competitiveness and leadership in key technological domains.

Download the statement here.