ECRN Response to Covid-19

The Corona crisis is causing unprecedented shocks to our economies and way of life across Europe and the World. Local and Regional authorities are fighting in the frontline of the crisis, adapting their services to better support citizens and businesses, but the crisis has affected European territories differently.


The different impacts across European regions have shown the diverse levels of resilience of local economies. Despite at local level is where policies take place, the regional dimension and territorial impacts are not enough taken into account when shaping EU-level policies. We believe that territorial diversity and the development of resilient local economies should be prioritized in European recovery measures.  The Recovery Plan for Europe should promote more effective multi-level governance that engages cities and regions across Europe, the policy levels closest to EU citizens that best know what society needs.


As National governments and European Institutions are working on the way out of the crisis, we ask them to think of the Corona crisis as a wakeup call that brings us unique opportunities to make our way of life and our economy more resilient. Measures to relaunch the EU Economy should be based on a long term vision built on solidarity, sustainability and social justice, in line with the green and digital transitions. The EU Green Deal and industrial strategy should drive investments to those economic activities that have a place in a climate-neutral world and reduce social ad territorial inequalities across Europe.

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Funding Opportunities :


  • The European Research Area corona platform provides information about funding opportunities in relation to Corona virus at European Union and national level. Among the information available Horizon 2020 call deadline extensions, specific or related to Coronavirus funded and ongoing projects.
  • Coronavirus Research – research projects and initiatives to tackle the spread of coronavirus and preparedness for other outbreaks.

  • The results of the EUvsVirus Hackathon are now public. The contest identified the best solutions to support European and global in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak

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