ECRN project council

The ECRN Project Council acts as a broker and mediator of European projects among the ECRN member regions and chemical institutions. It supports project development activities, enhances the capacity of regional players to apply for European funding more efficiently, and supports acceleration of technology transfer and cooperation between companies (SMEs in particular), research institutions, and other relevant actors in ECRN member regions and beyond. Actors from non-ECRN regions are also welcome to join the activities. We are open to collaborate with active partners from e.g. chemical clusters, regional innovation networks, associations, research centers or other institutions that share our interest for joint projects and regional value creation.

The ECRN Project Council operates under rotating chairmanship and builds on the activities of its members. Chemie-Cluster Bayern, a cluster organization from ECRN member region Bavaria, is entrusted to chair the Project Council and provide management structures for the first two-year period of operation (2014-2015).

For more information, see the website of Chemie-Cluster Bayern, download a short info sheet here or contact the coordinating body of the ECRN Project Council activities:

Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH
Hansastr. 26
80686 München

Irina Nunberger
Tel. +49 89 189 4168 30

The Region of Bavaria has been discharged of the responsibility to manage the Project Council after holding a mandate between 2014-2016. For more information, please contact