ECRN has signed “The Antwerp Declaration”

ECRN has signed “The Antwerp Declaration”

The Antwerp Declaration underscores the imperative of an European Industrial Deal that harmonizes with the Green Deal. By positioning the Industrial Deal at the core of the new European Strategic Agenda for 2024-2029, ECRN supports a comprehensive action plan that prioritizes competitiveness as a strategic imperative. This emphasis is critical to ensure the resilience and dynamism of European industries in a global context.

ECRN recognizes that a thriving chemical industry from a regional perspective contributes significantly to job creation, economic growth, and employment. The declaration emphasizes the urgency of creating conditions that support a stronger business case in Europe. By aligning with the Industrial Deal, ECRN aims to retain high-quality jobs for European workers within the chemical sector.

In an ever-evolving geopolitical landscape, achieving Open Strategic Autonomy for a competitive and resilient EU is paramount. Basic and energy-intensive industries play a pivotal role in this transition. ECRN asserts that these industries must continue to invest in Europe to prevent dependency on external regions for essential goods and chemicals. Europe’s strategic autonomy hinges on maintaining a robust industrial base.

By endorsing the Antwerp Declaration, ECRN joins a coalition of 1089 organizations, 25 sectors, 757 companies, 288 associations and unions, and 44 others. This collective voice amplifies the call for clarity, predictability, and confidence in Europe’s industrial policy.

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