ACE-EX: Expert at Applying Circular Economy Processes in Agriculture

How can the agricultural sector be up to date with the circular economy?

ACE-EX project provides a multidisciplinary profession, the “Expert at applying Circular Economy processes in agriculture” and tools to guarantee the quality of training, recognition, transferability, and exploitation.

General objectives:

- to support the agriculture sector in the transition to a Circular Economy (following “CE”);
- to develop an entrepreneurial mindset for the new opportunities coming for the CE applications;
- to facilitate the transition to a “green” chemistry using the waste/ surplus coming from agriculture;
- to contribute to sectoral compliance with the EU Green Deal standards.

Specific objectives:
1. To upskill professionals working in the agriculture and industrial sector, specifically the production of oil, wine, and corn, in the reuse of agricultural production waste/surplus for the production of new business products and/or innovation of business processes by developing an innovative and multidisciplinary curriculum, also through V/R modules.
2. To provide Open Access and flexible training for a certification EQF 4 and 5, accessible virtually from professionals located in at least 9 EU and Extra Eu countries, guaranteeing sustainability of contents, constant update and scalability to an EQF-6 Master of Skilled Crafts (Professional Bachelor). Developing horizontal digital and green skills applicable to other professional sectors.
3. To guarantee procedures for the RPL of professionals and link these arrangements with national accreditation authorities.
4. To certify experts at applying CE in agriculture by developing professional skills that, on one side, enhance individuals’ employability and, on the other, are highly beneficial for agricultural firms, particularly wine, oil and cereals, since they provide them with the concrete opportunity of applying and benefit from CE practices.

Project Acronym: Agriculture Circular Economy Expert

Duration in Months: 36