7th Just Transition Platform Conference

7th Just Transition Platform Conference

On 25/26 April ECRN took part in the 7th Just Transition Platform Conference. The two day conference facilitated between stakeholders on the journey of a just transition towards a climate-neutral Europe. Commissioners Ferreira and Breton, Minister Baljeu and other local and EU level stakeholders joined the opening panels.

ECRN Monika Banka was invited as speaker in the panel on the Working Groups, explaining how they support the implementation of the TJTPs, on April 26th. The event focused on the implementation of the Just Transition Fund. It spotlighted the ambitions included in the Territorial Just Transition Plans and the opportunities that the Just Transition Fund has created in the regions, including for industries of strategic importance. 

Moreover, it addressed various topics such as energy security and energy transition nexus, international dimension of just transition, effective governance mechanisms for monitoring and implementation of just transition, and available technical assistance to support stakeholders on the ground.

The conference was followed by the JTP Working Groups on April 27th. The JTP Working Groups (WG) on carbon-intensive regions bring together stakeholders from across Europe with a common concern for the people and places affected by the transition to a climate-neutral economy. ECRN is a member of the Working Group on chemicals, focusing in particular on regional management of the transition. It was a great chance to present our work within the Working Groups, and share our ideas and goals. We are excited for the steps ahead.

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